Top 5 Times White People Were Super Awkward Today

1. Come On! It’s A Guy Thing. What guy’s never flirted, or wanted to flirt with a sexy-voice lady on the other end of the line?


2. You got to love this guy. Driving a wrecked bus, and not giving a damn what you think! A real hero.


3. Some white celebrities should just stay as far away from sports as possible: Mick Jagger, Justin Bieber. If all you do is jinx it, then maybe don’t bring it… the whole it… you. Nobody’s got time for that!


4. Canada made prostitution legal today but wait, there’s a catch. Feel free to offer sex for money, just keep in mind that whoever wants to pay for your services (part of it, like a hand, a foot, a kiss or the whole of it) will be arrested and thrown in jail. Welcome to Canada!


5. And nothing says white better than a bunch of video game lovers gathered in one place…everywhere you look, you’re sure to find awkward. (Just don’t laugh at the last guy, he’s not trying to be funny. Seriously don’t).


“Top 5 moments black people were super awkward today” coming up later today…

Here is a sneak preview: