Part 2: Black Actress Caught In Quickie Business with White lover wouldn’t apologize to the LAPD

Original story Daniele Watts refuses to apologize to the LAPD

ZAPRUDER “When non-Blacks wanted to pay for schooling or housing, they had to come up with the money themselves to meet their costs of living.  But many Blacks were raised to EXPECT the government to pay for their schooling, housing, and food for some imagined slight their ancestors may or may not have suffered 150 years prior.  Again, not EQUAL treatment but PREFERENTIAL treatment.”

Above: Sitya S. Dan protesting against Obama’s “failed” politics, and “failed everything, even his birth certificate”

SITYA S. DAN’S REPONSE: Again my Tea Party friend hits right where it hurts liberals. But what he says is true and some of it seems true but needs some real truism. Just like in a happy meal takeout, there are three levels of unpacking here:

First, the French fries: we Americans may not feel hot and fuzzy for the French that much, but hey let’s not call these “Freedom fries” come on! How free is a fry that ends up chewed up in your mouth, stuck in your 100-foot-long intestines and gets juiced out of every possible nutrient in the process? And you know where the dear freedom fry ends up in the end. So please, call it French fry s’il vous plait. Let’s not become birthers, er…sorry history-ers and ignore history when it suits us. So just like the fry is French, so was slavery, a fact, not a mere hypothetical.

A hypothetical could be like saying that Zapruder is a very sexy goat with hairy sexy legs. Well as beautiful as that sounds, it is very offensive to goats, who’ve got way better things to do than be eroticized by humans.

Secondly, the hamburger. As a Tea Party fellow, I too am against the idea of “free stuff”. In my village in the Serengeti, the antelope does not throw itself at your feet and say eat me now MY PRECIOUS! But before jumping to catchy phrases like “free stuff” how about we use a brain cell or two to understand what the deal really is. Maybe the reason why Uncle Sam originally (surely no longer valid today but historically, Uncle Sam) decided to provide “free stuff” to African Americans was because it didn’t want to go through the headache of calculating with inflation how much Zappy’s Great great uncle really owed his slaves for the free labor done for him for over three decades. And we’re not even talking about all the free quickies the Ancient Zappy got off of every female slave. Imagine how much that would be. In my area, a dry hand costs fifty dollars. And this is without lubrication. You know, because a fully lubricated hand gives more vitamins A, B, P for your heart and brain to bear the Zappys of this world.

Third, the coke, the thing that makes all this happy meal come together and leave you feeling happy never after. So my friend Zappy says that African Americans don’t want equality but want to be treated above equal. Zappy is right. But what Zappy fails to understand is that equality actually means preferential treatment (for all). The way this equality thing was advertized is the biggest mistake in the history of advertizing because no one in their right mind can aspire to equality. Do we not tell our children to be the best, to crush all those other little fuckers? Then why do we then talk ourselves to sleep every night with fake Disney’s equality stories?

We should however treat everyone preferentially, not equally. I know some will say it’s one and the same but it isn’t. Zappy is angered and gives in to some forms of hatred towards “blacks” for many reasons. Now whether or not all these reasons can be addressed to Zappy’s satisfaction is a whole different story. Bur let’s look at just two of these reasons:

Reason 1: the sex thing doesn’t sit well with Zappy. Can we address it to Zappy’s satisfaction and give Zappy a preferential treatment? Not really! We can’t force girls to give Zappy a quickie, nor can we allow him to have his joystick on cue every time he needs it, just like it was when Zappy was 18. Too bad, Zappy! Better luck next time! Sub-preferential treatment not because of us, simply because of biology! And if your mouth spouts nonsense against “blacks” all day long, there’s no telling about the nature of the lubrication on that hand on your joystick next time, you know, when you desperately need hand action. Just pray it’s not crazy glue.

Reason 2:
Zappy believes that “the blacks” are being overly dramatic. They are crybabies, and they blame it all on slavery. Well, maybe Zappy is right. But who is more right (i.e. preferential treatment). Who are even bigger crybabies… I am just as much Tea Party as Zappy and I can honestly say we are the world’s biggest crybabies. How many times in the last six years have we blamed everything and anything on Obama. I hunt antelopes in Africa every summer, and the last six years antelopes have been less and less available to me, and Obama is to blame for this. Why? Well because smart antelopes leave the Serengeti and trek to Zanzibar to see Obama speak on TV.

I always tell my Tea Party crowd that if we understand equality to really mean preferential treatment (for everybody), we will never butt heads with one another. If I’m driving while Masai, police please do not ask me why I am carrying the antelope vagina in my pocket because it will not end well. Treat me like you would the queen of England because in the eyes of the law, my rights are the queen of England.

Likewise, I too need to understand that some preferential treatment just can’t be possible. I can’t suddenly get the antelope vagina out of my pocket and invite the cop to join in a three-way tropical fun. Even Elizabeth II, queen of England, would be thrown into jail if she ever made such cheeky demand.