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Caucasian? No, “Homo Sapiens Sapiens Caucasius”, instead!

1. No white folk in the world, except for history geeks, even know what the hell “Caucasian” means. ”Who you calling a history geek?...

conversation between 2 homophobes - white people humor

Conversation Between Two Homophobes: One White vs. One Black

Introduction To This Series “Now with this freedom of talk-talk, we fear now men will be saying to other men things they should only...

The RaceNut -10 Trendy White People Ways

10 Trendy White People Ways To Express Yourself and Be Heard at Public Events

True Story: This happened at last week’s outdoor city council in Desmoines, Iowa, following Councilman Steve Perry’s...

OJ did it.

Black People Need To Know: OJ Did It!

1. Ok, OJ did it. So that’s it. No more beating around the bush… or right at it with two shoes or three!

the ultimate crotch hit protection

THEY DID IT. White Peoples’ Latest Invention Is The Ultimate Testicular Protection

The LS Kev. Kevlar as it is known in scientific circles was presented last week at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where it earned...


White People Movie Repeats Reviewed By Africans

Elvis Mba and Moo Joocey are two tribesmen pals, ages 73 and 75, outside Napoleon bar, in downtown Dakar. from Source:...


What is a White Folk :: Meet US Pres. Andrew Jackson, aka The time White Folks Stopped Getting Into Random Fights For Their Hot Ladies.

1. There was a time when white Anglo males used to defend their pretty ladies the way Latin whites do. Source: Or Source:...

theracenut breaking news

Intro: White Folks’ Ways – Not So Out of The Ordinary After All!

Breaking News! The White House just made a world-first announcement. After three centuries of research and painstaking, worldwide review,...

100 Racist Africans Spill The Beans

Racist #1 Coco Dumbia You know, we Africans don’t look people in the eyes right? The big black dot gives us the creeps. God only knows...