Brutally Honest White Kids React To Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign


So Michelle Obama wants America to shape up. American kids and schools must get on with the Let’s Move program. Here are moms pleading with a few, brutally honest white kids to drop a few pounds:

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama hosts a "Let's Move!" clinic with members of the U.S. women's soccer team at the White House

Mom: How many times do I need to tell you this, Kyle… you better behave, that’s your third cupcake in 5 min! Behave, Kyle…Behave!

Kyle: “I’m being haive already!” (2 year old)

being haved

Mom: You’ve had enough happy meals, Amber. Food’s very expensive these days!
Amber: “Why don’t you get some expensive money?” — 3 year

expensive money

Mom: Ok, children…you’ve all eaten way too much. So anyone who really, really wants to go to the bathroom, no panicking… just hold up two fingers.

Brian (Kindergaten): “How will that help?”


Mom: …Really? So your brother and your cousin get along very well, huh?

(Food obsessed, 9) Alexandra: “Are you kidding me?! They go together like balogna and cheese! No, wait. More like mayonnaise and bread.”


Mom: Scott, that’s enough food already…what’s with that box of animal crackers in your hands?
Scott: “The box says you can’t eat them if the seal is broken. I’m looking for the seal.”


Mom: You’re still eating? Even racoons stop eating sometimes…you know, it’s in the farmers bedtime story that I’m about to read you.
Max, Kindergarten: “If I was a raccoon I would eat the farmer’s corpse.”

scary racoon

© Story adapted from Rinkworks kids’ Quotes.