3 People: Yes, Questionable Police Shootings of Young Blacks Good For the Economy!  #1

When we feel good, we buy things. Every economist will tell you that when people lack common kindred-spirit-like reasons to be happy about as a community, the economy suffers, and they don’t feel like going out there to spend their hard-earned dollars.

So how can we as a community feel good and at home?
People ask me how I reckon my moral sense. Well, I always ask myself “what would the local white supremacist leader agree with”? Because I should always oppose anything the local white supremacist leader agrees with. The recent, weekly police shootings of blacks is the kind of things that make the local white supremacist leader jump for joy and thank Jesus in a flurry of heavenly tongues.
But oddly as it may sound, I agree with him on this.

I’m not a Tea Party. I’m not even a Republican. But let’s be honest in this gay-loving, Kenyan-born-Obama-voting country, these are the rare kind of news that make us feel good about this country. These are the kind of news that make us say,

“Well we lost to this Obama guy but we’re still in control. And we can still feel good about ourselves. Thank God for some rare, courageous men in the police force, who are still looking out for us.”